I made this graphic so that you can use it to promote a crud war. I’m suggesting that you put your group logo in the red part of the can and the details below the words “crud war.” You can also place it on the back if you’re using this as a postcard but if you’re using it as a slide the space is enough for date, time, and place.

Crud Wars are fun and there are a ton of ideas out there. If you have any more ideas list them in the comment box.

Some of the psychology behind the game is to get the kids wet first. Getting them wet eases them into the war. Using skit characters or walk on characters also creates energy and buy in leading up to the crud war. We have also been able in the past, with advance planning, to have the a fire truck from the city there to hose down the kids afterwards (soft mode.) Have some people with a hose and a few towels to receive kids who get something in their eye. The weeks leading up to crud war kids need to know that they need swim goggles and clothes they don’t care about. Think about how you will not want the kids back in the room, house, or church. Make sure they know this before you start. It’s good to have a portable sound system for music and instructions from an mc. You will not be able to shout over the mayhem.

Here are some pre-war games.

Over Under – Students pass a large soaked sponge over their head then under the legs in an alternate fashion as a team. The last person has a bucket they squeeze the sponge into. Then they pass it back up. The team who has the most water at the end of a time you determine is the winner.

Backwards Spill – This game is a relay game as well but everyone gets a plastic cup. The person at the front of the line has their cup filled and then places it on their head. They bend backwards pouring the water out to a person behind them. The person behind them is catching the water with the cup. The cup is also on their head. Most of the water spills out as they bend backwards and with limited vision receive the water in the cup on their head. The water goes down the line to the last person who pours their water back into a bucket. The team who has the most water at the end of a time you determine is the winner.

After getting the kids wet and laughing they are ready to get messy. We have moved them to the playing field where the different rounds of crud are waiting.

Steal the Bacon – Create a large wrestling mat with tarps or heavy duty plastic drop cloth. Hose the area down with water, soap, and shaving cream. Place an object such as a stuffed animal or pool noodle. You can have more than one for fun. Number kids off on the teams. Line them up on the outside of the playing field. Call out numbers before saying go. Students wrestle and fight for the objects and must get them back to their team’s sideline (without throwing them) to win.

Round 1 – Water Balloons.

Round 2 – Tomato Sauce.

Round 3 – Cheap Cereal soaked in water. (You want this to be a paste.)

Round 4 – Beans. An assortment of beans.

Round 5 – Shaving Cream

Round 6 – Flour

Here are some videos of crud wars from different groups that even have more ideas than what I listed above. The last one is a crud war I pulled off at night. Which reminds me… have adequate lighting. Have fun.

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