Divide your large group into smaller groups of four or five. Five works best however if your group is large you can use groups of 8-10. Once all your groups are settled a series of competitive feats will be stated one at a time in individual rounds. The team either competes against the other teams collectively as a group or they are nominating one person from their group to compete against the other groups. A group gets a point if they win a round. Team with most points at the end wins and is the best of the best.

1. Longest strand of human hair.

2. Longest pinkie or thumb.

3. Smallest foot.

4. Biggest foot.

5. Dirtiest sock.

6. Tallest person.

7. Highest standing jump.

8. Tallest tandem. (The length of two people lying on the floor from foot of first person to head of second person.

9. Loudest burp.

10. Best dancer.

11. Most money on hand as a group. (Make sure they know how much they put into the pot individually so there is no confusion when they all take it back.)

12. Fastest human pyramid built. 3, 2, 1, Go.

13. First group to spell with their bodies on the floor the word “NO” or the word “HOP.” No would be for a group of five Hop for a group of eight to ten.

14. Longest tongue.

15. Best thumb wrestler.

If you think of more yourself leave a comment and share.

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