This is the biggest Stash Monday Money Movie cache ever posted. This week there were so many great videos. In this post there is some great stuff here. Ten videos all together. Let’s break it down. Coachella, Balloon Fiesta, and Going West are two pieces that you could lay a countdown over, and if desired change the background music to make a really good eye candy buffet over. The Feuer base jump video is insane and has some illustration energy for sure. Maybe something on leaps of faith. The bike jump video is awesome! It’s good for a countdown, filler, or whatever. It just needs to be shown. I’m sure you’ve seen Messersmith’s stop animation “South Park” style Star Wars Tatooine piece. There is a clip in here that is a truth punch to the throat called “God is not a white man.” Use that. “Love and theft” is amazing artistically but you it’s only to be used for background fodder at a concert or something related to college ministry. Dark Side of the lens is great for a worship service with scripture reading or contemplation. So there are my thoughts but I’m sure you can figure out some good uses. Enjoy.

Balloon Fiesta from Michael Salisbury on Vimeo.

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

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