From time to time you need to stop and step outside of yourself and the program you lead in order to renew your focus and determine a program’s effectiveness. Here are a few questions to help spark the conversation.

1. What do people say when you ask, “What is your role and what are your responsibilities?”

2. What do people say when you ask, “Who was the last student that you spent time with outside of an organized event and when did you last meet?”

3. What do people say when you ask, “What do we do well as a ministry? What could we be better at?”

4. What do students respond to the most with their attendance and conversations? The least?

5. What gets the majority of my attention as the director? Why?

6. What are three things I avoid but shouldn’t when it comes leading the vision?

7. Why did the last three leaders leave? Was it avoidable or was it a reflection of negligence on my part as a director?

8. If I had to leave this program today what areas of responsibility are there that nobody would be able to do and who should I train that responsibility to so people can move forward in my absence?

9. What are three things I am doing that someone else could do?

10. What really happens to a student when they express brokenness? How can things change to bring healing to them in a better way?

11. What are the people who lead above me saying or not saying about the program? or What do people say when they describe the program to others?

12. Where am I going through the motions?

13. If we were told there would be no more money for operating the program how would we continue and be better because of it?

14. What is this community of students and leaders centered around?

If you can’t answer some of these questions ask yourself why?

Can you think of other questions? Please share.

The video embedded below is meant for inspiration. Enjoy.

3 Years At The Same Place (english version) from Ramon on Vimeo.

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