Ty Gallenbeck is the Youth Leader for Olathe First Baptist Church and a Youth Leader in YoungLife. This game is called text in effect. Ty shared this game on the Stash Facebook fanpage. Ty is also on the Stash Network of Youth Leaders.I created a graphic for it and am sharing it with you. Ty created a cell phone keypad and gave each contestant a word to text.

Select volunteers and have them leave the room so the rest of the group is in on the joke. Each contestant comes in one at a time. Everyone cheers. The contestant is told that they are competing as fastest texter. They can use only their nose to text the word then hit send. When they hit send the sheet is dropped and a tasty treat is delivered. Clean up your contestant tell them not to say anything to the next volunteer. Make sure it’s a student who has a good sense of humor. Don’t do this on a visitor. Enjoy.

Have you submitted a game? Please do.

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