Walk it out is an easy mixer. Divide the group in half and place them opposite of each other in a room. In this game students walk across the room if the statement is true of them. If it is not they stay put. I’m sure you can come up with more scenarios.

Walk across the room if…

You have had one or more days this week that you went without a shower.

You grabbed clothes out of the dirty clothes pile to wear to school this week because you were in a hurry.

You listened to a Justin Bieber song this week and you liked it.

You already have taken a zero for an assignment in school.

You have kissed someone this week and that someone is here.

You have a job after school.

You miss kindergarten.

You like dogs better than cats.

You like fudge pops better than popsicles.

You saw a movie.

You fell asleep in a class today.


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