I love this video because it sums up how important it will be as youth leaders for us to create environments where students can spread their wings. Even though the two kids in this video haven’t even made it to middle school yet they are just the thing you’re looking for. In almost any town in any state a kid is strumming a guitar, pounding on some drums, or painting a beautiful picture just waiting to be encouraged and discovered.

1. Start earlier. Get a band in your middle school program comprised of middle school students as quick as you can. Think of other ways you can showcase what God has done in their abilities.

2. Don’t worry about mistakes. Have them practice and be ready but at the same time give them room to know they are safe and can screw up.

3. Let them pick the songs. Tell them what you’re going to talk about. Let them shape the program by the songs they choose. Your program will be better for it.

4. See their potential. Give them a leader who sees them for what they can be and not where they are at. Catch them doing right and encourage them with your praise.

I love how it reads on youtube…

“Dylan and Lauren perform their favourite track ‘Everlong’ (Dave, Grohl, Foo Fighters) in the OxJam tent at Electric Picnic festival 2010

lauren spotted the ‘open mic’ sign outside the oxjam tent, grabbed her brother and barrelled over …within barely a minute I heard them announce ‘next up a brother and sister combo…’ and I barely had time to get in with the camera, thankfully it took dyl a minute to retune the borrowed guitar to drop-D”


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