Here are some questions you can use for a round of “Would You Rather.” To play have all students line up together down the middle of the room. Each time you ask a question they will come back to the middle of the room for the next round. As you ask each question point to the side of the room the students have to walk to as a sign of their choice for that question.

Would you rather have elephant tusks or dog hair on your body?

Would you rather be woken up everyday for the rest of your life by an electric shock to your body or by a slap to the face?

Would you rather live in the world of Lord of the Rings or live in the world of Twilight?

Would you rather live on Cheetos or Pringles for the rest of your life?

Whenever you are on a date with someone would you rather smell like cheese or sweat a lot?

Whenever you open your mouth to speak would you rather talk backwards or when you talk it comes out as a scream?

Would you rather be in a death metal band or in a hip-hop band?

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