“By Some Miracle” is a short work by Philip Selway. It might be hard to absorb but with some pre-work or talk build in your communication you can really create thought and discussion with your students about pain and brokenness. I would even go as far as to have a cinder block tied to a rope that is also tethered to your ankle during the talk.

Possibilities are endless…

– When we suffer we may feel alone but we are never alone.

– The way we deal with our pain affects everyone.

– Pain has a way of draining us and dragging us down.

– Once we let our brokenness define us more than the path we need to take we are powerless on our own to change its course.

– The more we try to deal with it on our own the more we will end up hurting people in the end.

Watch and think if you can extract more. If you do have a cinder block maybe you can ask students to come up at the end and write their pain on blocks that are provided. You can also have a pan of paint that they simply place their palm in and mark the block with as they pray.

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