I think this piece on how Nike partnered with a local food vendor in Portland offers a ton of thoughts and ideas on how a YoungLife area or a youth program could extend themselves to the community and create some awesome noise for their community with a just a little bit of viral work.

Anyone who followed the food cart on twitter or who followed Nike Sportswear had a chance to be in on the action. A tweet went out to the followers to check in on facebook places. and they simply walked up with the code word “Destroyer Burrito” not knowing what they were about to score.

So what is a Destroyer Burrito? Simply, they are Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jackets packed in foil, like a giant burrito as big as your head. Here were the instructions.

1. Go to the Koi Fusion truck down
2. Check in via Facebook Places
3. Order the secret menu item, the Destroyer Burrito
4. Receive your Destroyer Burrito, along with a free burrito of your choice!

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