Divide your group evenly in two teams or more if necessary. Give each team a sheet, blanket, or sleeping bag. Line teams up behind a starting line. Across from the starting line place a cone or finish point. Give each team a leader to make sure there is no cheating, to count the number of times teams go down and back, and to decide wound placement. On go the leader will place a piece of masking tape on a body part of a team member. The team member lays on the blanket and is now injured. Four people from the same team grab the corner of the blanket and rush their injured team member to the cone or finish point across the playing field. Awaiting them is a roll of toilet paper. They use the roll to bandage the injury. (do not have to use all of the roll) They run back with their injured teammate where another injured player awaits them. During the entire relay there is enemy fire. Leaders with dodge balls lined up in gauntlet style fashion to pummel the soldiers. The team who bandages the most wounded in under four to five minutes is the winner.

image adapted from creative commons use

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One Response to “MEDIC MAYHEM”

  1. Ryan Bomba April 4, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    The kids in my Youth group are all about dodge ball. We came up with a leader vs student variation were the leaders play dodge ball like you normaly would. The students however in our dodgeball varient are only allowed come back in the game after the medics have draged them away by sheet, and have bandaged the wound.

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