I’m posting a game that you can use in October if you want to capitalize on the holiday for the 31st. This game is a little like a relay. In a tub full of water empty and separate a bag of marshmallows. From the ceiling hang with string by the apple’s stem a row of apples. The apple should hang so that it is at eye level. You need an apple for each contestant that you want to play. Try to use a tub that is large like a storage tub. Make sure there is enough water in the tub so that the marshmallows can be reached.

In this game contestants start at their apple. Using no hands they must take a bite from the apple and eat it as they run to the tub. Once at the tub they must bob for a marshmallow and eat it. The object of the game is to see who has bobbed for the most marshmallows. Tell contestants that if their apple comes of the string or falls to the floor that they are disqualified. This will keep them from getting to over zealous and force them to take a true bite. I would let this game go for only a couple of minutes.

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