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Students at the end of this series will have a greater understanding of what it looks like to love people well and to live a life of missional intention with their family, friends, and acquaintances.

Week 1 – One Problem

Problem – Moralism is a poison. Being a good person and longing for fulfillment in things that make us comfortable put us to sleep and leads us to believe that if I’m okay then you’re okay. We assume that everyone knows how to get help or maybe doesn’t even need help at all.

Point – We are broken.

Possible Passage Rev 3:15-17, Ephesians 2:8-10

Week 2 – One Need

Problem – In life people need hope and healing from their sin or brokenness. Any attempt to fix this on our own is futile.

Point – God made us to love us and be in constant relationship with him. He is the only hope for change from our past and direction with our future.

Possible Passage – Luke 5:30-32, Luke 19:1-10, Luke 15:11-22

Week 3 – One Solution

Problem – People have no idea that Jesus came to get rid of the sin and brokenness that separates us from God.

Point – Jesus is already on mission in the lives of everyone revealing himself to them. Accept it and decide to join him on mission.

Possible Passages – John 3:13-15, John 3:16, Luke 5:27-28, Matt 28:19-20

Week 4 – One Way to Live

Problem – Following Jesus is often confused as an event. Going to church, being a good person, and creating spiritual to-do lists is a return to moralism.

Point – The ultimate expression of good, hope, and love is God alone. Live a life that intentionally reveals who God is through your words, actions, and decisions. Compare the way you live and love to Christ alone.

Possible Passages – Mark 12:29-31, Luke 15:1-7

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