If your group gets world cup fever you can play this game for fun. You need marshmallows, a large trash can, and a cone or line taped on the floor. Place a cone or line 8-10 yards away from a trash can. You can recruit four volunteers or more if you like but two people make one team. One person is doing the corner kick (throwing a marshmallow from the cone or line) the other is putting the ball (marshmallow) in the goal. Give each team the same number of marshmallows. The corner kicker lobs a marshmallow toward their teammate who is standing behind the trash can. Using their head, chest, or feet if they have to… they must bounce the flying marshmallow into the trash can. The corner kick person cannot literally throw it in the trash can. It must make contact with their teammate. The person at the trash can is not allowed to use their hands. We used 10 marshmallows per team then awarded the team with the highest score.

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