“The Goblin was conceived during the Second World War and was designed to be a plane within a plane. The intention was for the Goblin (nicknamed the Flying Egg) to be carried in the bomb bay of the enormous Convair B-36. Its duty was to act as a defender – a parasite fighter – which would be dropped from the bomb bay of the mother ship in times of need and could handle enemy fighters while the B-36 went on its way.” via kuriositas

As a leader there are many things that will slow you down and take you off target. The best leaders know that they are able to move everyone forward because there is someone who is willing to pay the price in defense of the mission so that the group as a whole can carry on.

How would your program look without that assistant, parent, or support staff? How have you acknowledged what they do and shown your gratitude toward them? How are you equipping them to handle those moments?


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