There are 10 names on individual slides. The name is either an actual United States Presidential nickname or a professional wrestler’s fighting name. Students choose a side of the room to stand on based on their answer. Before the reveal make sure nobody is standing on the line or jumping back into the game. The slides reveal the answer after each name individually as “Presidential nickname” or “wrestler” so let the choose before moving to the next slide. In this game you need to have a dividing line running down the middle of the room with masking tape or cones. Prior to the game determine which side of the room is for anyone to stand on that thinks the name is a wrestler’s name and the other side of the room for students who think the name is a presidential nickname. This is single elimination where students move to the next round if they got the name right. Have students who guessed wrong move to the back of the room. Content of this game was researched by MentalFloss.


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