Film School is a series dealing with the subject of temptation. Although there are hundreds of movies out there that contain elements for which you could convey illustrations with, we’ve selected these clips as starting points for conversations from the Bible about the topic. This is a three week series.

Week 1 – Common Temptations

Problem: Students, as well as adults, tend to live live impulsively by making short term decisions that will bring them comfort and security. Too often their filter of decision is focused on self gratification and cheap imitations of what will sustain them long term in life.

Point: Voldermort offered Harry feelings of security by promising that he could bring Harry’s parents back. When that didn’t work Voldermort offered power. When that didn’t work Voldermort reasoned that Harry’s choice would have no moral effect. Once Harry recognized the lies Voldermort switched gears entirely by going after Harry’s life. In the same way Jesus pointed out that our enemy, Satan, “came to kill steal and destroy. But Jesus came to give life to the full.” Being able to recognize that temptation makes empty promises and false life will help you navigate the best choices for your life.

Passage: John 10:10, John 8:44

Week 2 – Way out of Temptation

Problem: Students often fold to sin under the way of temptation feeling that there is no way out of inevitable pain and brokenness. They see life as just a series of strokes of luck as they ride out the good times and the “cover-ups” in their choices.

Point: As a God follower we don’t obey God and then we are accepted we obey God because we are accepted. This compels us to seek him in everything we do because every good and perfect gift comes from above. Living life to your full potential means taking a stand even if it’s unpopular or against whatever one else would do. In this clip the odds are stacked against King Leonidas. In the face of certain death Leonidas realizes that his principles are more important than his own life.

Passage: 1 Corinthians 10:13

Week 3 – The Importance of Friends

Problem: Students long for a sense of community, love, and acceptance. Too often they forget that their closest friends help to shape them and influence their path. Knowing the difference between the friends who have the potential to harm you and the friends who have the potential to help you can be a tremendous difference maker in the way you make decisions and resist temptation in your life.

Point: There are friends God has given me that I do life with for the purpose of mission and their are friends that God has given me that I do life with who will push me toward Jesus. Understand who they are and how I live with them will give me purpose and understanding to help me move closer to Christ in all of my social circles. In the movie Napoleon Dynamite a friendship is formed betweeen Pedro and Napoleon. Their friendship brings out the worst and the best in both of them. Friends can bring life or death.

Passage:  For Foolish Friends РProv. 14:7 & 9, Prov. 20:19, Prov. 4:14-16, Prov. 26:4 For Wise Friends РProv. 27:10, Prov, 15:17 & 22, Prov. 13:20

You can also show this clip for week 3 in a high school setting. It requires courage… be advised.

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