There are many moments in leading youth that you are comically forced to be the expert at everything. Whether you work for a church, non-profit, or school your budget is getting increasingly tight while the growing rate of demand and needs of students stays the same. The physical, vocational, relational, and emotional hoops that you jump through come so frequently that you have to have a level of light hearted ingenuity about you so that you can stay alive.

Here are some general tips on problem solving.

1. Develop a nothing is impossible mentality. Many times people give up too soon or stop looking for that evasive solution. Push further, think harder, spread the word, and don’t quit. Problems are just obstacles and you have to care so much about your goal that you can’t imagine an alternative route or end result.

2. Learn to love learning. Most people take on learning as a prescription for what ails them. Solving problems quickly comes easy to people who are under a constant state of observation, listening, thinking, and resource browsing. How deep is your feed reader and what are you reading? Is it diverse enough?

3. Don’t freak. Keep your cool and catalog a quick response to some basic elements. Identify the core problem. Think about solutions around you. Delegate to trusted and faithful people. As you move think about the alternative tools, environments, and elements that can happen.

What other things have you found helpful to you? What was the most glorious problem solving moment of your life? Share this with the Stash!

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