Youtube has a channel devoted to their five year anniversary. This video is Adam Bahner’s story for the “My Youtube.” In this video he talks about life with “Chocolate Rain” and how he handled it’s Internet meme rise. In this video he made reference to a friend who gave him advice.

“… look at chocolate rain like it’s a happy accident.”

I thought about that for youth leaders as we look for opportunity to help students take that next step. Some of the best things that have ever happened in gaining relational movement, program movement, and spiritual movement have really happened outside of the lines. Those intangible moments where we recognize that God is in charge and he can be trusted. You never know how a kind word or a programming slip may really register with a student.

You may walk away thinking, “I really screwed that up.” When in reality God can take some of the most awkward things and do amazing stuff with it. Enjoy.


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