I wanted to let all of you Stash readers know about a pretty sweet service to consider in your cause as you lead youth. All of you are smart enough to know that our audience is extremely mobile. Students are tethered to their phone and smartphone apps are the playground and conduits that they use to connect with each other and the changing world.

R04R.com is can create a custom smartphone app for your youth program or organization. Imagine one of your students downloading an app from your program that is solely dedicated to your community. Within one touch all of your content is synced and accessible with their phone no matter where they go. You have complete and total access to stream content and information that is engaging straight to their iphone or android driven smartphone. The app would be skinned and customized with your branding and feel creating a unique experience for your students.

The app is ready to service your community with everything from social network integration to streaming live video enabling you to meet with your students anytime day or night in any digital format possible. Here are a few screenshots straight from the app store on itunes of how the platform is being used for a church in Texas but again is totally skinned and customized for your needs.


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