This talk is best suited for tweens and middle school aged students. High school students would be tempted to find this lense as childish. Determine yourself what your group can absorb and enjoy.

Purpose: This series will help students absorb a spiritual definition of what strength, justice, and heart is according to passages and stories from scripture. The backdrop of superheroes will assist in creating a platform to convey the text.

Week 1 – What is heart? Ironman // Zacchaues

Problem: Life change often happens in the midst of conflict when circumstances demand decision. How you deal and decide on those circumstances can impact your destiny.

Point: Tony Stark was a greedy, self-centered, financial punk. In the midst of conflict his heart ripped from him in many ways causing him to see others in a whole new light. He had a complete 180. Zacchaues, like Tony Stark, had the same story with money, power, and direction. When Zacchaeus meets Jesus everything changes and he is never the same. Having a heart for others is an unbelievable quality that is a serious game changer.

Passage: Luke 19:1-10

Week 2 – What is strength? Superman // David

Problem: Everyone has that one thing that can totally own them and bring them down no matter how strong they appear to be.

Point: Superman was invincible up until the moment you got him in front of some kryptonite. Like Superman, Samson was a man God used in amazing ways and who had this super destiny to fulfill. Samson’s kryptonite was his weakness for women. He was putty in their hands and it cost him everything. Knowing what your kryptonite is and creating an emergency plan of escape with your family and friends will help you tremendously in life.

Passage: Judges 16

Week 3 – What is justice? Batman // Peter

Problem: Pain in life takes us to a place where we sometimes take matters into our own hands. There is a lot of pressure to do whatever is right in your own eyes and to trust nobody. Independence and having “things” can actually keep you from real relationships.

Point: Batman seems like a dude that everyone would want to be. The core of the story is that he is a vigilante consulting nobody, impulsive, alone, and misunderstood. Like Batman, it took Peter, a disciple of Jesus, a while to figure out that the only thing he had to offer Jesus was being empty and totally submitted. Batman spends large chunks of his life learning the hard way that he needs family, friends, and patience. The Peter that you see in Acts, filled with confidence, purpose, and balance, was three years in the making because of Jesus grace, teaching, and molding. You can live life alone or you can live life in community. Each way comes with an outcome. Decide.

Passage: John 18:11, Mark 14:66-72, Acts 2:14-36

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