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The one thing always in short supply in the student ministry world is leaders.  We seem to lose them as quick as we find them.  As I meet with potential leaders, there are a few things I am looking for in them which have proven valuable over the years:

1. PASSION–I have met way too many student ministry leaders who could quote half the Bible along with the 5 points of Calvinism but had no desire to meet a new kid.  On the flip side, there are lots of young leaders who have all the passion to change the world and absolutely no direction.  I choose passion everyday, all day.  I want leaders who are willing to throw themselves into any situation to love kids and believe God is going to transform them.  Why?  Because you can teach the ‘how’s’ of ministry but you can’t teach passion.  I don’t want to beg someone to show up to the school to meet kids, I want that to be their norm.  As overseers, it’s our role to harness their passion into ministry skill, and show them how to do ministry that sustains and honors Christ.

2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP- -I LOVE leaders who are creative and like starting things.  They often have 100 ideas they will never try and I like giving them an avenue to put some of those ideas into play.  It’s these leaders that push the whole ministry to reach out to kids creatively and offer settings that are a blast.  Most leaders seem to prefer settling into small roles and sustaining what is already there.  While we need those types of leaders, I look for the ones who think as if there never was a box to fit into.  These types of leaders often don’t have a role in ministries because ministry leaders seem to prefer the status quo.  Life is messier with them but the potential to know every student in your area is far greater.

3. FAMILY–We don’t want leaders who are robots that complete tasks, we want leaders that see themselves as part of a family.  We have been given a place of honor in God’s family and our ministry should function as a family.  Therefore, I look for leaders who want to come be part of our family and work together to reach kids.  They are not volunteers and that mentality transforms the level at which we are able to love kids.

These aren’t the only things I look for, but seeing them in a potential leaders gets me excited because I know what God can do through someone who doesn’t let fear rule the day!

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