Jimmy Jimmy Posh is a great game to play when you’re hanging out with kids. The one thing about this game is that you have to be willing to be silly and you need to know the kids and be known by them in order for them to put themselves out there. You basically make a circle and designate a person as the starting point. The group collectively sings in the same cadence…

“Jimmy Jimmy Posh, Posh, Posh”

Once you’ve established a beat and groove with repetition the first person will do a dance move during a “Jimmy Jimmy Posh, Posh, Posh” sequence. On the next sequence the next person in line repeats the dance move while at the same time the first person creates a new dance move. It then escalates as each person must have the wherewithal to repeat the dance move that has been passed to them while watching the person next to them for the next dance move. They can’t be off or do the wrong move or they are out. If done correctly everyone will be eventually dance and all doing different moves. It’s just a fun silly way to pass them time with kids.

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