We wanted to let you know about a new social networking start-up called Everloop. Everloop is targeting the third quarter as their public launch. This morning I spoke with Jill Calcaterra, Senior VP of Business Development. Three things struck me in our conversation that I felt would impact any youth advocate for that age group.

1. Parents can request updates of their child’s activity so they can monitor how their child handles the responsibility of communicating online.

2. They have integrated a bully button. If a friend conveys a damaging statement they can choose to have that statement retracted from the account history.

3. Groups can be created by youth advocates to communicate within that network. The advocate channel would be available to the community. The advocate would not be able to participate in the community as a member but their community is free to join the group to empower the cause.

Here is a portion of information from their blog.

“Everloop provides tweens (ages 8-13) who are too young for sites like Facebook and MySpace with a safe and fun interactive social networking experience that can also be monitored for safety by parents. Everloop’s state-of-the-art, private user experience offers easy profile customization and real-time communications, including email, IM, chat and voice chat. Real-time posts and video uploading, groups of common interest and a universal Evercredit system are among the site’s many unique features.  In addition, Everloop Video Network publishes original tween-centric web series, like “Top 10 with Dani,” hosted by Everloop tween spokesperson Dani; and the Everloop Games Arcade offers more than 1,500 games. The site’s virtual Everstore lets members cash in their Evercredits for stickers and fun interactive Goobs.”

Knowing that a portion of our readers work with this age bracket, I felt it would give you time to prepare and think through a presence for that social network that you would want to present. As a father of an eight year old I’ve already been asked, “Dad, can I have a Facebook page?” I’ll let you guess what my response was. I’d love to know your thoughts as well as share your thoughts with Everloop.

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