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Jake Davis sells clothes. He is a filmmaker and has collaborated on many groundbreaking projects with the most creative artists in the fashion and music industry. Of late he is galvanizing his unique style through the use of a series of shorts called “test shots.”

In the film below Jake highlights Ulysses. Read his summary of his chosen film subject.

“There’s this infamous character named Ulysses who consistently leaves wordy criticism in the comments sections of the popular blogs. Sometimes they’re cheeky, other times clever, once in a while down right mean and crude… but they almost always make me smile and laugh… I’ve even had to delete some because they were personally offensive.

So the next obvious question for me was who is this guy? Well, I felt it was my duty to reveal Ulysses to all of you. This was more a social experiment than a style one. I’ve always let my heart make most of my decisions. I’m happy I got to know Ulysses, give him a hug, and shoot his Test Shot in the last snowfall of the season. It was a good life experience. And I know you guys were just as curious as me. Ladies and gentlemen… Ulysses…”

Product is the tangible. Story is the intangible.

Make your students see the intangible and look behind the facts. If they don’t know why it matters they won’t apply it to their lives. Make the story matter.

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