My wife did a camp sell for her Younglives club and we adapted this game from “Step On It” for the walk on skit character to incorporate.

Every student takes one printout of a bug print you can download from below and make copies from. To start the game every student puts their bug print on the floor and stands on it. There will be three people at the start of the game without paper. Start the game with music. They must get off of their paper and walk around or dance around in a circle without touching the papers or hovering over them. When the music stops they must run to an open bug print and stand on it. There can be only one person on a bugprint. The last three to not make it to a bug print are out. Restart and take away one bug print every round until you are down to two people. Don’t let kids hover over paper or touch the paper as they are dancing. The music makes this game fun.

Downolad the fly-silhouette.

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