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Students at the end of this series will have come to know God as very much aware of who they are, loving, and very intentional about seeing them as wonderful and worthy.

Week 1 – You were made by God.

Problem: Students look for worth in a lot of outlets. When those outlets fail it leaves them with emptiness and worry. They want to be cared for and love.

Point: Our feelings never change the fact that God created us and knows you. Even when your heart is broken God cares for you in ways you may not even realize.

Passage Psalm 139:16, Luke 12:4-7

Week 2 – God knows what he’s doing.

Problem: Students live in a season of their life where there is a lot of uncertainty. Feelings of insecurity and value are hard to maintain when it seems like there is nothing solid to hold on to.

Point: God can be trusted and is not a liar. We must choose to believe and pursue him even when it is not the direction we would choose to go for ourselves.

Passage Psalm 8:3-9, Jeremiah 29:11

Week 3 – God wants a relationship with you and not religion.

Problem: Students confuse spirituality with things they check off a spiritual to do list.

Point: God pursued you and laid his love on the line for you in the sacrifice of his son. He is the ultimate expression of good and would be a horrible God if he did not draw us to him in relationship.

Passage Luke 15:1-7

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