We are very excited at the STASH with being linked and loved by the inspiration for youth advocates blog at THE4YAblog.com. 4YA is authored by Andrea Graham. When I read her bio I realize that she has probably forgotten more than I will ever know about youth and enabling advocates for the very students that we all are endeavouring to reach.

Andrea Graham is a teen services librarian and youth culture consultant from NY. She holds a MSc. in the Anthropology of Youth Culture from Brunel University London and a MA in Information Science from Queens College.  She has written for numerous print and online publications, including VOYA, Common Sense Media, and Wired Berries. Her extensive knowledge in youth culture and information science includes, video games, technology, digital media production, social media, graphic novels, music, and YA literature.

Andrea listens and relays the pulse of youth culture. 4YA is nested in my feed reader and so I’m inviting you to crawl up into a world that is going after students like you are with love and excitement.

What is a Youth Advocate?


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