Prior to the start of program fold up about three dollar bills and secretly give each dollar bill to an individual person. It can be  leaders or students. They must not tell anyone they have the dollar bill so they have to be the kind of person who will play along with the point of the mixer.

When you actually start the  mixer tell your audience that their goal is to walk around, shake hands, and introduce themselves to people. If they shake someone’s hand and there is a dollar bill in it they get to hold that dollar bill until someone walks up and shakes their hand. Once you’ve let go of the dollar bill you must shake someone elses’ hand you can’t take the dollar back or stalk that person… just move on. You can’t put it in your pocket, refuse to shake hands, stand over ragainst the wall, etc. Everyone has to be moving and meeting people.

When the music stops whoever has the dollar bills gets to keep them. The dollar floats continually from person to person and some lucky person gets to keep it.

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