Same game with two options. This is another graphic for the Minute to Win It game “Hanky Panky.” I created two graphics knowing that for some of my friends in youth work the name of the game would create complications and be misinterpreted. Use whichever graphic makes the most sense for your environment.

You can play this as a competition among many students each with their own box or you can play this true to the shows format against the time limit.

To play the student faces a box of kleenex positioned on a table. On go the student can reach into the box to pull the first kleenex. Whichever hand they use is the hand they must use for the duration of the game. They may use the other hand to hold the box however they can not reach into the box after the first pull. They are either competing against another student to see who finishes first or they must pull all tissues within 60 seconds.

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