Have students pair up with a dance partner. There will be two large circles assembled on the floor that are made up of students. There will be one inside circle and one outside circle. One student from each pair will stand on the inside circle and the other student will stand on the outside circle across from their partner. Imagine a donut, there is an inside circle and then an outside circle.

When the music starts the inside circle will start shuffling and dancing clockwise while the outside circle starts dancing counter clockwise. When the music stops the caller (student leader on microphone) will call out two body parts. The first body part will belong to members of the inside circle and the second body part will belong to the members of the outside circle. Partners must run as fast as they can and find their partner. They must then match up the proper body part.

If the caller said “finger, toe” the inside circle partner would take their finger and match to their partner’s (outside circle) toe. Players lose when they can not find their partner in time or have an incorrect match. Last partners dancing are the winners.

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