I’ve got a graphic for another Minute to Win It game called “Bite Me.

One thing you will notice about the website for Minute to Win It is that you can not cut and paste the instructions nor is there a graphic for you to use. Hope that what I’ve done here makes things easier on you.

Prior to the game open five regular lunch style paper bags. You will cut the bags in varied heights so win they sit on the ground they are 10″, 8″, 6″, 4″ and then 2″ high. Each bag is a different height. The player, starting with the first bag (10″) must bend down and bite the bag picking it up with their teeth and placing it on a podium or table. They can not touch the bag with their hands. Their feet may be the only thing that touches the ground. They can’t use any other part of their body to support their weight on the way down as they bite the bag or even on the way up as they pick the bag up, and place it on the table. If their knee, hand, or any other part of their body touches the bag, podium, or floor they have to start over with that bag while the clock still ticks. When they are done with the first bag they move to the next lowest bag. They have one minute to transport all bags to the table.

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