At the end of this series students will have taken inventory of things that have the ability to hurt their relationship with other people, their potential future, and ultimately their pursuit of Christ.

Week 1 – What’s in it for me?

Problem: Jesus teaches us to love others and pursue them with his message of hope and love. So why is it so hard to not worry about what people think or what we get in return?

Point: God had a specific place for the children of Israel to live when they left Egypt. Because they had never been there they were willing to take a cheap imitation of a good place to settle in rather than pushing on to their destiny. This is like our life. Being willing to accept the first choice, an easy way out, often brings us a counterfeit experience to the real deal.

Passage: Numbers 32:1-15, Matthew 19:29-30

Week 2 – I’m out.

Problem: Sometimes we are tempted to quit too soon. When things get too hard we bail.

Point: God never promised that following him would be a cake walk. The rich young ruler didn’t know how to live in a world where he might have to let go of his stuff so he was willing to walk away from the Christ himself and missed out. It’s hard to deal with tough times and tests but it helps us depend on God more and grow stronger in our relationship to God.

Passage: Luke 18:18-30, James 1:2-18

Note: Sharing a talk outline is our way of acknowledging that sometimes you just need a push. This is a bare bones summary you fill in the rest. Use this post to help construct a talk.

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