Prior to the game write down a series of words using only eight letters. Ex: Bake, Bore, Cart, Back, Cabs, Scab, Bats (My eight letters are S T R O E K A B.) You can mix it up by making large words but you must only use your eight letters as you make your list. Also, You can’t use the same letter twice. Ex: Stroke, Brake, Store.

Now that you have the list ready. During the meeting you invite eight students up for the game. Group them in two teams of four. Have them take their shoes and socks off. They will sit down on the floor with their feet facing the audience. (Tip: Try not to pick students who might feel compromised on stage or awkward because of clothing as they will be facing the audience.) Now, you’re going to write on the bottom of each of their feet the eight letters for both teams. What I mean by this is on the first person’s right foot you will write “S” nice and big then their left foot will be your next letter “T.” One letter per foot but finish out the rest of your letters. The next person’s foot and the next letter should be “R.” See the list above? Now. you’re getting it. You do the same thing for the next team.

Now each team should have all eight letters, one on each foot. The object of the game is for each team to line up their feet as quick as they can to spell out the word (from the audience’s perspective) that you call out. When you say “Bake” they got to work together to figure out whose foot goes first, then so on to spell the word. The team who has the most successful correctly aligned words during each match first, wins.

This game has also been known as Spell My Feet.


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