At the end of this series of talks students will have wrestled with being honest about their faith and what they follow. After honest introspection they will be given an opportunity to “reset” their direction and take different steps toward Christ.

Week 1 – Who do you follow?

Problem: Most people follow themselves or what they feel will bring them comfort.

Point: When Jesus called the disciples they left their heritage and everything they had. They were worthy in His eyes and so are you. Do you believe this?

Passage: Mark 1:14-20

Week 2 – Where is Jesus?

Problem: Our perspective often defines faith and our feelings often convince us more than the facts.

Point: Jesus can be trusted with having control of your life. The fact is that he is not a to-do list nor does he want your religion. God is not an event for you to busy yourself with.

Passage: LUKE 10:38-52

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