If you like puppets you’re going to love this piece called “Where’s the money George?” What’s interesting about it to me is that it stars Pharrell Williams and a little known character called Flat Eric.

I share this with you because it intrigues me to no end. Minus what is probably a very expensive camera and a few calls to location settings this piece could easily be done for just about any purpose. It comes off as original and intriguing. Any two minute splice of any film could be rewrapped creatively and used to make your students smile or earn the right to be heard for whatever event you want to promote or whatever talk you want to give. We’re prone to do goofball stuff when it comes to vying for the attention of our students but can we create story on our always shoestring budget like this? Notice the use of sound, drama, and mystique. All that to say, “It’s a puppet.” People amaze me.

WHERE’S THE MONEY GEORGE ? from oizo mr on Vimeo. via Hypebeast.


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