This is a graphic for you to use with yet another Minute to Win It game from NBC ca;;ed EGG ROLL. Recruit two players form your group. Create a starting line with masking tape on the floor (hard surface.) Tape a few feet (5′ to 8′) away from the starting point a finish line. Position for each player a raw egg on the start line and hand each player an empty medium sized 14″ pizza box. On go they must push their egg to the starting line by creating gusts of air from waving their pizza box. They are not allowed to touch the egg or make contact with the egg via the pizza box.

With NBC’s Minute to Win It instructions the game is for a single player. This can still be done but after they cross the finish line with the egg they must go back and do the same for two more eggs within one minute for three eggs total.

In these directions I am setting up the game as a competition between two volunteers. The same dynamic applies. The first person to fan three raw eggs past the finish line is the winner.

If you’re looking for some games you can do for Easter take Egg Roll and add this hat trick of three games for an entire weekend of egg related games.

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