There are two ways to place this game. You can have two people compete against each other or you can do this as a group game in a relay fashion. If you choose to keep this as a volunteer game then follow the instructions below minus the relay advice.

Divide the group in to two even teams determined by your choice whether by gender, grade, or number. Line them up in front of an exposed watermelon that has been cut in half. One half will be for one team the other half will be for the other team. Teams will be equal distance from their watermelon behind a starting line. On go the first player flicks their playing card at the watermelon attempting to embed it in the core. They run to the back of the line and the next player is given a card from a team leader. Team keeps repeating these instructions for two minutes. The team with the most embedded cards is the winner. If both teams have not embedded a card after two minutes then the first team to get a card in wins.

Tip: Have your watermelon cut open before hand. Drive chopsticks into the back of the watermelon to help prop the watermelon up on its’ side so it does not roll backwards on the table. To determine a good start line have a leader try the actual game before your program to see how close they need to be to make the card stick.

Adapted from NBC’s Minute to Win It CARD NINJA game.

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    Hey Ted, thanks so much. That means a lot to me. I’m gonna be building this website up so let me know what works and doesn’t as far as helping you in the field.


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