Players are recruited or volunteer to play. A leader will take 2-3 contestants out of the room away from the group so the game leader can explain the game to the audience and recruit their help in making sure they don’t spoil the game for the individual contestants.

Two leaders hold a white bed sheet up in front of the game leader who is facing the audience. The sheet should be between the audience and the game director. A player is brought in and instructed that there will be a light behind the sheet from a flashlight. They will be competing against the other players by seeing who can keep their nose on the light and follow across the bed sheet.

The game leader moves the flashlight around as the audience cheers the contestant on. The light goes in circles, up, down. to the floor, up high as the audience cheers and the contestant believes that they are winning the game. On a predetermined cue the two leaders drop the sheet and the game leader pushes a pie plate into the students faced that is full of whip cream.

The area is quickly cleaned up, a new pie made, and the contestant is wiped cleaned with instructions to not tell the next contestant. The audience cheers for the next contestant who is told they are competing against the previous one. Selling the players on how well they are doing is crucial so that they don’t try to figure out if they are going to get worked or not.

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