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We have complete talk series with notes, small group questions, & graphics. We also have all of our games in a zip file to take the Stash wherever you go in a zip file.

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    A 4 Week Series on Teen Alcohol Abuse & Binge Drinking with full talk notes, discussion questions, and graphics.

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    Freak Show is a two week series on self worth and fitting in. This is a great series on helping students combat their fear of being rejected and the temptation to try to control all of their circumstances. Week 1 – Our Freakish Desire To Be Loved (Prodigal Son) Week 2 – Our Freakish Desire […]


    I caught a post from Kevin Schlabaugh’s Instagram account of a game he played with his teens. The video embedded below tells you everything you need to know. You can set this up as a quick group game or a volunteer game if you have a large group. You could change it up to make […]


    You probably have a host of chairs in your youth room that have that busted and disgusted look. The metal back is sturdy but the cushion seats are ripped, written on, or stained with a few years of heavy duty youth usage. My mother sent me this photo from a restaurant in Dallas. The owner […]


    You’re students may be in need for a shot in the arm. This second semester series helps students grasp Biblical conversations on succeeding in school. As an added bonus we will throw in our Valentine’s Series, “I’m With Stupid.“ Sweet success includes three weeks of talk sheets, three group talk sheets, and the series graphic. […]


    Lance Scarbrough submitted this great Mixer BFF. Here is his submission straight from his keyboard. How well do you know your BFF (Best Friend Forever)? This game will be played like the old television game show The Newlywed Game. Choose a few BFFs to come to the front to answer questions about each other. Have […]


    Lance Scarbrough of Cumberland students submitted this game: Two vs One. I like his train of thinking on this game twist. Here are the instructions straight from Lance’s keyboard. Enjoy. Players: 3 One student who is confident, can beat anyone, anytime. Two students to compete against the confident student. For this game, you’ll need a […]